Book Name: Advanced video communications over wireless networks
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Advanced video communications over wireless networks pdf

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Contents; Preface; Acknowledgments; Contributors;
Chapter 1 – Network-Aware Error-Resilient Video Coding;
Chapter 2 – Distributed Video Coding: Principles and Challenges;
Chapter 3 – Computer Vision-Aided Video Coding;
Chapter 4 – Macroblock Classification Method for Computation Control Video Coding and Other Video Applications Involving Motions;
Chapter 5 – Transmission Rate Adaptation in Multimedia WLAN: A Dynamic Games Approach;
Chapter 6 – Energy and Bandwidth Optimization in Mobile Video Streaming Systems.
Chapter 7 – Resource Allocation for Scalable Videos over Cognitive Radio Networks
Chapter 8 – Cooperative Video Provisioning in Mobile Wireless Environments;
Chapter 9 – Multilayer Iterative FEC Decoding for Video Transmission over Wireless Networks;
Chapter 10 – Network-Adaptive Rate and Error Controls for WiFi Video Streaming;
Chapter 11 – State of the Art and Challenges for 3D Video Delivery over Mobile Broadband Networks;
Chapter 12 – A New Hierarchical 16-QAM Based UEP Scheme for 3-D Video with Depth Image Based Rendering.
Chapter 13 – 2D-to-3D Video Conversion: Techniques and Applications in 3D Video Communications
Chapter 14 – Combined CODEC and Network Parameters for an Enhanced Quality of Experience in Video Streaming;
Chapter 15 – Video QoS Analysis over Wi-Fi Networks;

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Advanced video communications over wireless networks PDF

Author(s): Ce Zhu; Yuenan Li

Publisher: CRC Press, Year: 2013

ISBN: 9781439880005


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