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Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design by P.C. Varghese

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The Authors of Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design 2nd Version Ebook

P.C. Varghese is the editor of Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design.

Fundamental Contents of Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design PDF Ebook

– Chapter 1. Deflection of Reinforced Concrete Beams and Slabs.

– Chapter 2. Estimation of Crack width in Reinforced Concrete Members.

– Chapter 3. Redistribution of Moments in Reinforced Concrete Members.

– Chapter 4. Design of Reinforced Concrete Deep Beams.

– Chapter 5. Design of Ribbed (Voided) Slabs.

– Chapter 6. Approximate Evaluation of Grid Flooring.

– Chapter 7. Design Hundreds different Than Earthquake Hundreds.

– Chapter 8. Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Frames for Vertical Hundreds by utilizing Substitute Frames.

– Chapter 9. Evaluation of Frames beneath Horizontal Hundreds.

– Chapter 10. Preliminary Design of Flat Slabs.

– Chapter 11. Design of two-way Slabs by Direct Design Methodology.

– Chapter 12. Shear in Flat Slabs and Flat Plates.

– Chapter 13. Equal Body Evaluation of Flat Slabs.

– Chapter 14. Design of Spandrel (or Edge) Beams.

– Chapter 15. Provision of Ties in Reinforced Concrete Slabs Body System.

– Chapter 17. Design of Plain Concrete Partitions.
– Chapter 16. 
Design of Reinforced Concrete Members for Hearth Resistance.

– Chapter 18. Earthquake Forces and Structural Response of Framed Buildings.

– Chapter 19. Design of Shear Partitions.

– Chapter 20. Design of Forged in Situ Beams Column Joint.

– Chapter 21. Ductile Detailing of Reinforced Concrete Frames for Seismic Forces.

– Chapter 22. Inelastic Evaluation of Reinforced Concrete Beams and Frames.

– Chapter 23. Strip Methodology of Design of Reinforced Concrete Slabs.

– Chapter 24. Sturdiness and Combine Design of Concrete.

– Chapter 25. High quality Management of Concrete in Building.

– Chapter 26. Design of Constructions for Storage of Liquids.

– Chapter 27. Historic Growth of Reinforced Concrete.

Preface to Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design Second Version by P.C. Varghese

Supposed as a companion quantity to the creator`s Restrict State Design of Reinforced Concrete (revealed by Prentice-Corridor of India),

the Second Version of this complete and systematically organized textual content builds on the power of the primary version, persevering with to supply a transparent and masterly exposition of the basics of the idea of concrete design.

The textual content meets the dual goal of catering to the wants of the postgraduate college students of Civil Engineering and the wants of the practising civil engineers because it focuses additionally on the practices adopted by the trade. This textual content, together with Restrict State Design, covers all the design observe of revised Code IS456 (2000).

Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design, 2nd Edition PDF

Author(s): P C Varghese

Publisher: PHI Learning Pvt. Ltd

Year: 2009

ISBN: 812032787X

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