Book Name: Advanced Machining Processes by Hassan El Hofy
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Advanced Machining Processes by Hassan El Hofy

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Advanced Machining Processes by Hassan El Hofy

Advanced Machining Processes Nontraditional and Hybrid Machining Processes by Hassan El Hofy

Machining processes produce completed merchandise with a excessive diploma of accuracy and floor high quality. Standard machining makes use of slicing instruments that have to be more durable than the workpiece materials.

Using difficult-to-cut supplies inspired efforts that led to the introduction of the nonconventional machining processes which can be well-established in trendy manufacturing industries.

Single-action nontraditional machining processes are labeled on the idea of the machining motion inflicting the fabric elimination from the workpiece.

For every course of, the fabric elimination mechanism, machining system elements, course of variables, technological traits, and industrial purposes are introduced.

The necessity for greater machining productiveness, product accuracy, and floor high quality led to the mixture of two or extra machining actions to kind a brand new hybrid machining course of.

Primarily based on the foremost mechanism inflicting the fabric elimination course of, two classes of hybrid machining processes are launched.

Areview of the present hybrid machining processes is given along with present developments and analysis instructions.

For every hybrid machining course of the tactic of fabric elimination, machining system, course of variables, and purposes are mentioned.

This e book supplies a complete reference for nontraditional machining processes in addition to for the brand new hybrid machining ones.

It’s meant for use for diploma and postgraduate programs in manufacturing, mechanical, manufacturing, and industrial engineering.

It’s also helpful to engineers working within the area of superior machining applied sciences.

In getting ready the textual content, I paid enough consideration to presenting the topic in a easy and simple to grasp means.

Diagrams are easy and self-explanatory. I specific my gratitude to all authors of assorted books, papers, Web websites, and different literature which have been referred to on this e book.

I will likely be glad to obtain feedback and strategies for enhancing the worth of this e book in future editions.

In Chap. 1, the historical past and progress of machining is launched. The distinction between conventional and nontraditional machining is defined.

Examples for standard machining by slicing and abrasion are given. Single-action nontraditional machining is assessed based on the supply of vitality inflicting the fabric elimination course of.

Hybrid machining happens because of combining two or extra machining phases. Hybrid machining is categorized based on the primary materials elimination mechanism occurring throughout machining.

Chapter 2 covers a variety of mechanical nontraditional machining processes reminiscent of ultrasonic machining (USM),

water jet machining (WJM), abrasive water jet machining (AWJM), ice jet machining (IJM), in addition to magnetic abrasive ending (MAF).

In these processes the mechanical vitality is used to power the abrasives, water jets, and ice jets that trigger mechanical abrasion (MA) to the workpiece materials.

In Chap. 3, the chemical machining processes reminiscent of chemical milling (CHM), photochemical machining (PCM),

and electrolytic sprucing (EP) are mentioned. In these processes the fabric is especially eliminated by way of chemical dissolution (CD) occurring at sure areas of the workpiece floor.

Chapter 4 offers with electrochemical machining (ECM) and associated purposes that embody electrochemical drilling (ECDR),

formed tube electrolytic machining (STEM), electrostream (ES), electrochemical jet drilling (ECJD), and electrochemical deburring (ECB).

The electrochemical dissolution (ECD) controls the speed of fabric elimination. Machining processes which can be based mostly on the thermal machining motion are described in

Chap. 5. These embody electrodischarge machining (EDM), laser beam machining (LBM), electron beam machining (EBM), plasma beam machining (BPM), and ion beam machining (IBM).

In most of those processes, materials is faraway from the workpiece by melting and evaporation. Thermal properties of the machined elements have an effect on the speed of fabric elimination.

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