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A History of Control Engineering

    Book Name: A History of Control Engineering
    Category: Mechatronic Book
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    A History of Control Engineering 1800-1930 pdf

    Book Description:

    Dr. Bennett traces the growing awareness of the importance and significance of feedback in engineering and treats in detail the technical developments that contributed to this awareness. There follows an account of the development of steam and hydraulic servomechanisms and their application to control ships and aircraft.

    Table of contents :

    Front Matter
    1 Feedback: the origins of a concept
    2 The regulation of prime movers
    3 Towards an understanding of the stability of motion
    4 The development of servomechanisms
    5 The new technology: electricity
    6 The shrinking world
    Back Matter

    A History of Control Engineering 1800-1930 PDF

    Author(s): S. Bennett

    Series: Control Engineering Series 8

    Publisher: The Institution of Engineering and Technology, London, United Kingdom, Year: 2008

    ISBN: 9780863410475, 0 86341 047 2



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