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This innovative text bridges media theory, psychology, and interpersonal communication by describing how our relationships with media emulate the relationships we develop with friends and romantic partners through their ability to replicate intimacy, regularity, and reciprocity.

In research-rich, conversational chapters, the author applies psychological principles to understand how nine influential media technologies―theatrical film, recorded music, consumer market cameras, radio, network, and cable television, tape cassettes, video gaming, and dial-up internet service providers―irreversibly changed the communication environment, culture, and psychological expectations that we then apply to future media technologies. With special attention to mediums absent from traditional literature, including recorded music, cable television, and magnetic tape, this book encourages readers to critically reflect on their own past relationships with media and consider the present environment and the future of media, given their own personal habits.

20th Century Media and the American Psyche is ideal for media studies, communication, and psychology students, scholars, and industry professionals, as well as anyone interested in a greater understanding of the psychological significance of media technology, usage, and adoption across the past 150 years.

Table of contents :

Half Title
Title Page
Copyright Page
Dedication Page
Introduction: Why Media?
Section 1: Intimate Media—Sharing Experiences
1 Theatrical Film
2 Recorded Music
3 Consumer Market Cameras
Section 2: Regular Media—Synchronizing Experiences
4 Radio
5 Network Television
6 Cable Television
Section 3: Reciprocal Media—Affecting Experiences
7 Magnetic Tape
8 Video Gaming
9 Dial-up ISPs
Conclusion: Why Not?


20th Century Media and the American Psyche PDF

Author(s): Charisse L’Pree Corsbie-Massay

Publisher: Routledge, Year: 2020

ISBN: 2020019530,2020019531,9781138572096


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