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The Scam: From Harshad Mehta To Ketan Parekh Book Pdf Free Download

The Scam: From Harshad Mehta To Ketan Parekh By Debashis Basu and Sucheta Dalal


The Scam: From Harshad Mehta To Ketan Parekh is book about Scam 1992 by Debashis Basu and Sucheta Dalal, published in 1993.

It’s book about india’s biggest stock market scam in year 1992 by harshad mehta and ketan parekh. An attempt to analyze the events of the alleged scandal which took place in the Indian stock market during 1992.

The most thrilling non-fiction business and history book ever written in India. A fast, colourful narrative, knitting together the life and times of all stock market players involved in two of India’s biggest stock market scams.

The Scam, a chronicle of two of the most famous scams in the Indian stock markets, is now back in a digital avatar. The story told by Sucheta Dalal and Debashis Basu, can’t find a more credible and informed couple of storytellers for these events. First published in April 1993, the book was an immediate bestseller but had been out of print for a while.
This 8th edition of the scam includes the original Harshad Mehta Scam and the Ketan Parekh Scam, while also delving into the JPC Fiasco and the Global Trust Bank Scam. The basic question that the book deals with is, “what really happened in the two great Indian scams?” The answer to this question, detailed in the book, brings up another important one, “Have we learnt anything since, so that such things don’t happen again?”


THE SCAM: from Harshad Mehta to Ketan Parekh Also includes JPC FIASCO & Global Trust Bank Scam PDF

Author(s): Basu, Debashis;Dalal, Sucheta


ISBN: 8188154091


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