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Heat and Mass Transfer (McGraw Hill) Book Pdf Free Download

Heat and Mass Transfer (McGraw Hill) By P K Nag


Basic Electrical Engineering (Pearson) is Gtu Reference book for B.tech Mechanical Branch Students in Engineering Third Year by P K Nag.

Heat and energy studies form an important aspect of engineering studies in many core engineering disciplines. Heat And Mass Transfer is a book that discusses many of the important concepts of energy studies and mass transfer, and explains various topics in easy-to-understand language. The book makes liberal usage of case studies, solved examples, and other exercises to explain various topics. The author also explains various physical phenomena and other occurrences, in detail for students.

The book is divided into ten main chapters that explain various topics in detail, and the second half of the book contains five appendices that are to be used for further reading. The main chapters are conduction heat transfer at steady state, condensation and boiling, heat exchangers, some special heat transfer processes, and heat transfer by natural convection and mass transfer. The appendices cover thermo physical properties of matter, mathematical relations and functions, and internal systems of units. The last two appendices contain miscellaneous solved problems, that will help students prepare for any exam in the future, and it also has fill in the blanks and true or false questions.

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