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Essentials of Organic Chemistry For college kids of pharmacy, medicinal chemistry and organic chemistry by Paul M Dewick | PDF Free Download.

E book Particulars :
Language English
Pages 711
Format PDF
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Essentials of Organic Chemistry by Dewick

Book Description:

Essentials of Organic Chemistry is an accessible introduction to the subject for students of Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry and Biological Chemistry. Designed to provide a thorough grounding in fundamental chemical principles, the book focuses on key elements of organic chemistry and carefully chosen material is illustrated with the extensive use of pharmaceutical and biochemical examples.

In order to establish links and similarities the book places prominence on principles and deductive reasoning with cross-referencing. This informal text also places the main emphasis on understanding and predicting reactivity rather than synthetic methodology as well as utilising a mechanism based layout and featuring annotated schemes to reduce the need for textual explanations.
* tailored specifically to the needs of students of Pharmacy Medical Chemistry and Biological Chemistry
* numerous pharmaceutical and biochemical examples
* mechanism based layout
* focus on principles and deductive reasoning

This will be an invaluable reference for students of Pharmacy Medicinal and Biological Chemistry.

Essentials of Organic Chemistry Contents

  1. Molecular representations and nomenclature
  2. Atomic construction and bonding
  3. Stereochemistry
  4. Acids and bases
  5. Response mechanisms
  6. Nucleophilic reactions: nucleophilic substitution
  7. Nucleophilic reactions of carbonyl teams
  8. Electrophilic reactions
  9. Radical reactions
  10. Nucleophilic reactions involving enolate anions 
  11. Heterocycles
  12. Carbohydrates
  13. Amino acids, peptides, and proteins
  14. Nucleosides, nucleotides and nucleic acids
  15. The natural chemistry of middleman metabolism 
  16. method examination questions: chosen issues and solutions

Preface to Essentials of Organic Chemistry PDF

For extra years than I care to recollect, I’ve been educating the brand new consumption of college students to the Nottingham pharmacy course, instructing them in these components of fundamental natural chemistry needed for his or her future research.

Throughout that point, I’ve additionally referred them to numerous natural chemistry textbooks for added studying.

These texts, glorious although they’re, comprise far an excessive amount of materials that’s of no instant use to pharmacy college students, but they fail to develop sufficiently areas of organic and medicinal curiosity we’d want to examine in additional element.

The natural chemistry wants of pharmacy college students are usually not the identical because the wants of chemistry college students, and the textbooks obtainable have been specifically written for the latter group.

What I actually needed was an natural chemistry textbook, significantly smaller than the 1000–1500-page tomes that appear the norm, which had been designed for the necessities of pharmacy college students.

Such a e-book would additionally serve the wants of these college students on chemistry-based programs, however who are usually not specializing in chemistry, e.g. college students taking medicinal chemistry and organic chemistry.

I’ve needed to put in writing such a e-book for a very long time now, and that is the consequence of my endeavours. I hope it proves as helpful as I meant it.

While the content material is just not in any manner distinctive, the choice of subjects and their software to organic techniques ought to make the e-book fairly completely different from others obtainable, and of especial worth to the meant readership.

It’s a mixture of rigorously chosen materials designed to supply a radical grounding in elementary chemical ideas, however presenting solely materials most related to the goal group and omitting that which is exterior their necessities.

How these ideas and ideas are related to the examine of pharmaceutical and biochemical molecules is then illustrated by way of a variety of examples. I’ve assumed that readers can have some information of natural chemistry and are aware of the essential philosophy of bonding and reactivity as lined in pre-university programs.

The e-book then presents materials applicable for the primary 2 years of a college pharmacy course and likewise offers the basic chemical groundwork for programs in medicinal chemistry, organic chemistry, and so forth.

By means of selectivity, I’ve generated a textbook of extra modest dimension, while nonetheless offering a sufficiently detailed remedy for these subjects which might be included.

I’ve adopted a mechanism-based format for almost all of the e-book, an method that finest allows the extent of element and choice of subjects to be restricted in keeping with necessities.

There’s a robust emphasis on understanding and predicting chemical reactivity, moderately than growing artificial methodology.

With intensive use of pharmaceutical and biochemical examples, it has been doable to point out that the identical easy chemistry might be utilized to real-life advanced molecules. Many of these examples are in self-contained bins in order that the principle theme needn’t be interrupted.

Tons of cross-referencing is included to ascertain hyperlinks and similarities; these don’t imply it’s a must to look elsewhere to know the present materials, however they’re used to emphasize that now we have seen this idea earlier than, or that different makes use of are coming alongside in the end.

I’ve endeavoured to supply a pleasant casual method within the textual content, with a transparent format and easyto-find sections. Response schemes are annotated to maintain materials collectively and scale back the necessity for textual explanations.

The place different rationalizations exist, I’ve chosen to make use of solely the less complicated clarification to maintain the reasoning as simple as doable.

All through, I’ve tried to persuade the reader that, by making use of ideas and deductive reasoning, we will scale back to a minimal degree the quantity of materials that wants be dedicated to reminiscence.

Labored issues displaying typical examination questions and easy methods to method them are used to encourage this fashion of considering. 4 chapters in direction of the top of the e-book diverge from the opposite mechanism-oriented chapters.

They’ve a robust biochemical theme and can undoubtedly overlap with what could also be taught individually by biochemists.

These subjects are approached right here from a chemical viewpoint, utilizing the identical structural and mechanistic ideas developed earlier and may present another perspective.

It’s possible that some of the fabric described won’t be required through the first 2 years of examine, nevertheless it may sow the seeds for extra detailed work later within the course.

There’s a measure of meant repetition; the identical materials might seem in a couple of place. This is a crucial ploy to emphasize that we’d wish to take a look at a selected facet from a couple of viewpoint.

I’ve additionally used related molecules in numerous chapters as illustrations of chemical construction or reactivity. Once more, that is an intentional technique to illustrate the a number of sides of real-life advanced molecules.

I’m notably grateful to some of my colleagues at Nottingham (Barrie Kellam, Cristina De Matteis, Nick Shaw) for his or her feedback and opinions.

I might additionally wish to file the unknowing contribution made by Nottingham pharmacy college students over time. It’s from their questions, issues and difficulties that I’ve formed this e-book. I hope future generations of college students might profit from it.

Lastly, a phrase of recommendation to college students, recommendation that has been provided by natural chemistry academics many occasions beforehand.

Organic chemistry is just not learnt by studying: paper and pencil are important always. It’s only by way of drawing constructions and mechanisms that true understanding is attained.

Essentials of Organic Chemistry: For Students of Pharmacy, Medicinal Chemistry and Biological Chemistry

Author(s): Paul M. Dewick

Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Year: 2006

ISBN: 0470016655


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