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Author:S.K. Duggal 

Contents of the Book

1. Principal Properties of Building Materials
2. Structural Clay Products
3. Rock and Stones
4. Wood and Wood Products
5. Materials for making concrete cement
6. Materials for making concrete-II aggregates
7. Materials for Making Concrete-III Water
8. Materials for Making Concrete-IV Lime
9. Puzzolanas
10. Concrete
11. Concrete Mix Design
12. Building Mortars
13. Ferrous Metals
14. Non-Ferrous Metals
15. Ceramic Materials
16. Polymeric Materials
17. Paints, Enamels and Varishes
18. Tar, Buitemen and Asphalt
19. Gypsum
20. Specials Cements and Cement Concrete
21. Miscellaneous Materials

Building Materials by S.K. Duggal PDF