Book Name: [PDF] Nanoscience and Cultural Heritage by Dillmannn, Nenner and Bellot-Gurlet
Category: Physical Chemistry
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Nanoscience and Cultural Heritage by Dillmannn, Nenner and Bellot-Gurlet

Title: Nanoscience and Cultural Heritage
Editor: Philippe Dillmann, Ludovic Bellot-Gurlet, Irène Nenner
Edition: 1st
Publisher: Atlantis Press
Length: 321 pages
Size: 9.64 MB
Language: English
Book Description:
This book aims to give state of the art in several domains of cultural heritage in which Nanosciences allow fundamental breakthrough. The first part of the book concerns nanostructured materials in ancient artifacts. Understanding their nature and formation processes bring new insight in the apprehension of technical level of ancient societies but can also inspire the design of new materials. The second part is dedicated to the understanding of materials. This crucial issue in material science today, for cultural heritage, needs to perform specific characterization techniques and technologies, but also to create tailored analytical strategies. Part three presents new methods, processes and materials at nano levels that can bring innovative solutions to conservation and restoration issues, linked with the understanding of the alteration processes involved at different scales.

Nanoscience and Cultural Heritage

Author(s): Philippe Dillmann, Ludovic Bellot-Gurlet, Irène Nenner (eds.)

Publisher: Atlantis Press, Year: 2016

ISBN: 978-94-6239-197-0


[PDF] Nanoscience and Cultural Heritage by Dillmannn, Nenner and Bellot-Gurlet Table Of Contents

Front Matter….Pages i-xvi
Front Matter….Pages 1-1
Lustre and Nanostructures—Ancient Technologies Revisited….Pages 3-39
Nano-crystallization in Decorative Layers of Greek and Roman Ceramics….Pages 41-58
Natural Nanosized Raw Materials and Sol-Gel Technology: The Base of Pottery Since Millenniums….Pages 59-73
Informative Potential of Multiscale Observations in Archaeological Biominerals Down to Nanoscale….Pages 75-122
Some Science Behind the Daguerreotype: Nanometer and Sub-micrometer Realities On and Beneath the Surface….Pages 123-158
Front Matter….Pages 159-159
Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy: Using Nanoparticles to Detect Trace Amounts of Colorants in Works of Art….Pages 161-204
From Archaeological Sites to Nanoscale: The Quest of Tailored Analytical Strategy and Modelling….Pages 205-230
Front Matter….Pages 231-231
Nanoscale Aspects of Corrosion on Cultural Heritage Metals….Pages 233-252
Alkaline Nanoparticles for the Deacidification and pH Control of Books and Manuscripts….Pages 253-281
Confined Aqueous Media for the Cleaning of Cultural Heritage: Innovative Gels and Amphiphile-Based Nanofluids….Pages 283-311


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