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Learn Digital Electronics Principles Devices and Applications by Singh

Learn Digital Electronics Principles, Devices and Applications by Virender Singh PDF Free Download

Learn Digital Electronics PDF Contents

  1. Quantity Methods
  2. Binary Codes
  3. Digital Arithmetic
  4. Logic Gates and Associated Devices
  5. Logic Households
  6. Boolean Algebra and Simplification Strategies
  7. Arithmetic Circuits
  8. Multiplexers and Demultiplexers
  9. Programmable Logic Devices
  10. Flip-Flops and Associated Devices
  11. Counters and Registers
  12. Information Conversion Circuits – D/A and A/D Converters
  13. Microprocessors
  14. Microcontrollers
  15. Laptop Fundamentals
  16. Troubleshooting Digital Circuits and Check Gear

Preface to Learn Digital Electronics eBook

Digital electronics is crucial to understanding the design and working of a variety of functions, from client and industrial electronics to communications; from embedded programs, and computer systems to safety and navy tools.

Because the gadgets utilized in these functions lower in dimension and make use of extra advanced know-how, it’s important for engineers and college students to completely perceive each the basics and additionally the implementation and software ideas of digital electronics, gadgets, and built-in circuits, thus enabling them to make use of essentially the most applicable and efficient method to swimsuit their technical wants.

Digital Electronics: Principles, Devices, and Applications is a complete guide masking, in a single quantity, each the basics of digital electronics and the functions of digital gadgets and built-in circuits.

It’s completely different from comparable books on the topic in multiple method. Every chapter within the guide, whether or not it’s associated to operational fundamentals or functions, is abundantly illustrated with diagrams and design examples.

As well as, the guide covers a number of new matters, that are of relevance to anybody having an curiosity in digital electronics and not coated within the books already in print on the topic.

These embrace digital troubleshooting, digital instrumentation, programmable logic gadgets, microprocessors, and microcontrollers.

Whereas the guide covers in entirety what’s required by undergraduate and graduate-level college students of engineering in electrical, electronics, laptop science, and info know-how disciplines, it’s supposed to be a really helpful reference guide for professionals, R&D scientists, and college students at postgraduate degree.

The guide is split into sixteen chapters masking seven main matters.

These are digital electronics fundamentals (chapters 1 to 6), combinational logic circuits (chapters 7 and 8), programmable logic gadgets (chapter 9), sequential logic circuits (chapters 10 and 11), knowledge conversion gadgets and circuits (chapter 12), microprocessors, microcontrollers and microcomputers (chapters 13 to 15) and digital troubleshooting and instrumentation (chapter 16).

The contents of every of the sixteen chapters are briefly described within the following paragraphs. The primary six chapters take care of the elemental matters of digital electronics.

These embrace completely different quantity programs that can be utilized to characterize knowledge and binary codes used for representing numeric and alphanumeric knowledge.

Conversion from one quantity system to a different and equally conversion from one code to a different is mentioned at size in these chapters.

Binary arithmetic, masking completely different strategies of performing arithmetic operations on binary numbers is mentioned subsequent.

Chapters 4 and 5 cowl logic gates and logic households. The principle matters coated in these two chapters are varied logic gates and associated gadgets, completely different logic households used to {hardware} implement digital built-in circuits, the interface between digital ICs belonging to completely different logic households and software info such xxii Preface as tips for utilizing logic gadgets of various households.

Boolean algebra and its varied postulates and theorems and minimization strategies, offering exhaustive protection of each Karnaugh mapping and Quine-McCluskey strategies, are mentioned in chapter six.

The dialogue consists of the appliance of those minimization strategies for multi-output Boolean features and Boolean features with a bigger variety of variables.

The ideas underlying completely different elementary matters of digital electronics and mentioned within the first six chapters have been amply illustrated with solved examples.

As a follow-up to logic gates – essentially the most primary constructing block of combinational logic – chapters 7 and 8 are dedicated to extra advanced combinational logic circuits.

Whereas chapter seven covers arithmetic circuits, together with several types of adders and subtractors, reminiscent of half and full adder and subtractor, adder-subtractor, bigger bit adders and subtractors, multipliers, look forward carry generator, magnitude comparator, and arithmetic logic unit, chapter eight covers multiplexers, de-multiplexers, encoders, and decoders.

That is adopted by an in depth account of programmable logic gadgets in chapter 9. Easy programmable logic gadgets (SPLDs) reminiscent of PAL, PLA, GAL and HAL gadgets, advanced programmable logic gadgets (CPLDs) and area programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) have been exhaustively handled when it comes to their structure, options and functions.

Well-liked gadgets, from varied worldwide producers, within the three above-mentioned classes of programmable logic gadgets are additionally coated with regard to their structure, options and amenities.

The following two chapters, 10 and 11, cowl the sequential logic circuits. Dialogue begins with essentially the most elementary constructing block of sequential logic, that’s, flip flop.

Several types of flip flops are coated intimately with regard to their operational fundamentals, completely different varieties in every of the classes of flip flops and their functions. Multivibrator circuits, being operationally much like flip flops, are additionally coated at size on this chapter.

Counters and registers are the opposite essential constructing blocks of sequential logic with huge software potential.

These are coated in chapter 11. Specific emphasis is given to timing necessities and design of counters with various rely sequence necessities.

The chapter additionally features a detailed description of the design ideas of counters with arbitrary rely sequences. Several types of shift registers and some particular counters which have advanced out of shift registers have been coated intimately.

Chapter 12 covers knowledge conversion circuits together with digital-to-analogue and analogue-todigital converters. Matters coated on this chapter embrace operational fundamentals, attribute parameters, varieties and functions.

Emphasis is given to definition and interpretation of the terminology and the efficiency parameters that characterize these gadgets.

Several types of digital-to-analogue and analogue-to-digital converters, along with their deserves and drawbacks are additionally addressed.

Specific consideration is given to their functions. In direction of the tip of the chapter, software oriented info within the type of standard sort numbers together with their main efficiency specs, pin connection diagrams and so on. is introduced.

One other spotlight of the chapter is the inclusion of detailed descriptions of newer sorts of converters, reminiscent of quad slope and sigma-delta sorts of analogue-todigital converters.

Chapters 13 and 14 talk about microprocessors and microcontrollers – the 2 versatile gadgets which have revolutionized the appliance potential of digital gadgets and built-in circuits.

The whole vary of microprocessors and microcontrollers together with their salient options, operational features and software tips are coated intimately.

As a pure follow-up to those, microcomputer fundamentals, with regard to their structure, enter/output gadgets and reminiscence gadgets, are mentioned in chapter 15.

The final chapter covers digital troubleshooting strategies and digital instrumentation. Troubleshooting tips for varied classes of digital electronics circuits are mentioned. These will notably profit practising engineers and electronics fans.

The ideas are illustrated with the assistance of a lot of troubleshooting case research pertaining to combinational, sequential and reminiscence gadgets. A variety of digital devices is roofed after a dialogue on troubleshooting tips.

The devices coated embrace digital multimeters, digital oscilloscopes, logic probes, Preface xxiii logic analysers, frequency synthesizers, and synthesized operate turbines.

Computerinstrument interface requirements and the idea of digital instrumentation are additionally mentioned at size in direction of the tip of the chapter.

As an additional useful resource, a companion web site for my guide comprises lot of extra software related info on digital gadgets and built-in circuits.

The data on this web site consists of numerical and purposeful indices of digital built-in circuits belonging to completely different logic households, pin connection diagrams and purposeful tables of various classes of normal objective digital built-in circuits and software related info on microprocessors, peripheral gadgets and microcontrollers.

Please go to URL The motivation to jot down this guide and the collection of matters to be coated had been pushed primarily by the absence a guide, which, in a single quantity, covers all of the necessary features of digital know-how.

A lot of books in print on the topic cowl all of the routine matters of digital electronics in a standard method with whole disregard to the wants of software engineers and professionals.

Because the creator, I’ve made an trustworthy try to cowl the topic in entirety by together with complete therapy of newer matters which might be both ignored or inadequately coated within the accessible books with regards to digital electronics.

That is finished conserving in view the modified necessities of my supposed viewers, which incorporates undergraduate and graduate degree college students, R&D scientists, professionals and software engineers

Download Learn Digital Electronics Principles Devices and Applications by Singh PDF Free.

Digital Electronics: Principles, Devices and Applications is a comprehensive book covering, in one volume, both the fundamentals of digital electronics and the applications of digital devices and integrated circuits. It is different from similar books on the subject in more than one way. Each chapter in the book, whether it is related to operational fundamentals or applications, is amply illustrated with diagrams and design examples. In addition, the book covers several new topics, which are of relevance to any one having an interest in digital electronics and not covered in the books already in print on the subject. These include digital troubleshooting, digital instrumentation, programmable logic devices, microprocessors and microcontrollers. While the book covers in entirety what is required by undergraduate and graduate level students of engineering in electrical, electronics, computer science and information technology disciplines, it is intended to be a very useful reference book for professionals, R&D scientists and students at post graduate level.

Learn Digital Electronics: Principles, Devices And Applications PDF



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