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JavaScript Projects for Kids by Syed Towaha

Contents of JavaScript Projects for Kids PDF

1. Exploring JavaScript within the Console

  • Putting in Google Chrome
  • Putting in Atom
  • Chrome Developer Instruments
  • Our first program
  • Why will we use Chrome Developer Instruments?
  • Why will we use Atom because the textual content editor?
  • Train
  • Abstract

2. Fixing Issues Utilizing JavaScript

  • Variables
  • Feedback
  • Arithmetic operators
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division
  • Modulus
  • Extra operators and operations
  • Increment or decrement operators
  • Task operators
  • JavaScript comparability and logical operators
  • Abstract

3. Introducing HTML and CSS

  • HTML
  • Your first webpage
  • Extra HTML tags
  • Coloring HTML textual content
  • Linking HTML textual content
  • Inserting a picture
  • CSS
  • JavaScript on an HTML web page
  • Abstract

4. Diving a Bit Deeper

  • JavaScript strategies
  • HTML buttons and type
  • Buttons
  • Type
  • If assertion
  • Swap-case
  • Train
  • Loops
  • The for loop
  • Train
  • The whereas loop
  • Train
  • Abstract

5. Ahoy! Crusing into Battle

  • The HTML half
  • The CSS half
  • The JavaScript half
  • The ultimate code
  • Abstract

6. Exploring the Advantages of jQuery

  • Putting in jQuery
  • Explaining the code
  • Going deeper
  • The load() technique
  • The keyup() and keydown() strategies
  • The change() technique
  • The blur() and focus() strategies
  • The resize() technique
  • The scroll() technique
  • Abstract

7. Introducing the Canvas

  • Implementing canvas
  • Including JavaScript
  • Drawing a rectangle
  • Drawing a line
  • A fast train
  • Drawing a circle
  • Draw linear gradient
  • A fast train
  • Let’s make a clock!
  • Abstract

8. Constructing Rat-man!

  • Recreation person interface
  • Including functionalities to the sport
  • The app.principal.js file
  • The app.display_functions.js file
  • The app.init.js file
  • Photos for Rat-man!
  • The monsters folder
  • The participant folder
  • The portal folder
  • The partitions folder
  • Including pictures to our cats
  • Draw the canvas
  • The app.key_handler.js file
  • The app.movement_functions.js file
  • The app.constants.js file
  • Enjoying the sport
  • Abstract

9. Tidying up Your Code Utilizing OOP

  • Inheritance in JavaScript
  • Encapsulation in JavaScript
  • Dissecting Hangman
  • Abstract

10. Prospects

  • JavaScript as your first programming language
  • JavaScript is in every single place
  • JavaScript developer as occupation
  • All chores will be completed by JavaScript
  • Robotics
  • 3D video games
  • Making apps for your smartphones
  • Working net servers
  • Working Ruby and Python
  • Writing OS-independent desktop functions
  • Net scraping and screenshotting
  • Net analytics
  • Responsive and interactive contents
  • Animation
  • Creating cookies
  • Superior JavaScript examples
  • Abstract

Preface to JavaScript Projects for Kids PDF

As you possibly can guess from the title of the e-book,
this e-book is designed and arrange for children in order that they will train themselves
JavaScript and create some initiatives utilizing JavaScript.

By abstracting the core
net programming in an unparalleled means, JavaScript modified web sites and net
apps without end.

Boring static web sites and noninteractive web sites have now
turn out to be fairly superior with the contact of JavaScript.

Utilizing JavaScript, you possibly can
develop net functions, even smartphone functions too, rapidly with out
compromising high quality.

You will be very productive and take care of nearly no
configuration in your {hardware} and software program for those who begin enjoying with

Please keep in mind that this isn’t a reference e-book, however you possibly can
study each fundamental ideas of JavaScript from it.

So, for the children aged 10 and
above, this will probably be an ideal e-book to find the world of JavaScript.

JavaScript Projects for Kids PDF

Author(s): Towaha Syed Omar Faruk.

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