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This book shows how to model selected communication scenarios using game theory. The book helps researchers specifically deal with scenarios motivated by the increasing use of the Internet of Things (IoT) and 5G Communications by using game theory to approach the study of such challenging scenarios. The author explains how game theory acts as a mathematical tool that models decision-making in terms of strategies and mechanisms that can result in optimal payoffs for a number of interacting entities, offering often antagonistic behaviors. The book explores new technologies in design, development, and management from a theoretical perspective, using game theory to analyze strategic situations and demonstrate the profitable behaviors of cooperative entities. The book identifies and explores several significant applications/uses/situations that arise from the vast deployment of the IoT. The technological scenarios are presented in each of the first four chapters by a step-by-step theoretical model, often followed by equilibrium proof and numerical simulation results, that are explained in a tutorial-like manner. The four chapters tackle challenging IoT and 5G-related issues, including new security threats that IoT brings, e.g. botnets, ad hoc vehicular networks and the need for trust in vehicular communications, content repetition by offloading traffic onto mobile users, as well as issues due to new wearable devices that enable data collection to become more intrusive.

Teaches how to model a specific communications scenario using game theoretical tools;
Explores current trends in communication technology scenarios for 5G and the Internet of Things;
Presents new technologies using game theory to analyze strategic situations.


Game Theory, the Internet of Things and 5G Networks PDF

Author(s): Josephina Antoniou

Series: 2522-8609

Publisher: Springer, Cham, Year: 2019

ISBN: 978-3-030-16843-8; 978-3-030-16844-5


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