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Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 3 by Platt

Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 3 by Charles Platt and Fredrik Jansson PDF Free Download
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Want to know how to use an electronic component? This third book of a three-volume set includes key information on electronics parts for your projects–complete with photographs, schematics, and diagrams. You’ll learn what each one does, how it works, why it’s useful, and what variants exist. No matter how much you know about electronics, you’ll find fascinating details you’ve never come across before.

Perfect for teachers, hobbyists, engineers, and students of all ages, this reference puts reliable, fact-checked information right at your fingertips–whether you’re refreshing your memory or exploring a component for the first time. Beginners will quickly grasp important concepts, and more experienced users will find the specific details their projects require.

Volume 3 covers components for sensing the physical world, including light, sound, heat, motion, ambient, and electrical sensors.

Unique: the first and only encyclopedia set on electronic components, distilled into three separate volumes
Incredibly detailed: includes information distilled from hundreds of sources
Easy to browse: parts are clearly organized by component type
Authoritative: fact-checked by expert advisors to ensure that the information is both current and accurate
Reliable: a more consistent source of information than online sources, product datasheets, and manufacturer’s tutorials
Instructive: each component description provides details about substitutions, common problems, and workarounds
Comprehensive: Volume 1 covers power, electromagnetism, and discrete semi-conductors; Volume 2 includes integrated circuits, and light and sound sources; Volume 3 covers a range of sensing devices.

Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Contents

  1. GPS
  2. Magnetometer 
  3. Object presence sensor
  4. Passive infrared sensor
  5. Proximity sensor
  6. Linear place sensor
  7. Rotary place sensor
  8. Tilt sensor
  9. Gyroscope
  10. Accelerometer
  11. Vibration sensor
  12. Pressure sensor
  13. Single contact sensor
  14. Contact display screen
  15. Liquid stage sensor
  16. Liquid circulate price sensor
  17. Fuel/Liquid strain sensor
  18. Fuel focus sensor
  19. Fuel circulate price sensor
  20. Photoresistor
  21. Photodiode
  22. Phototransistor
  23. NTC thermistor 
  24. PTC thermistor
  25. Thermocouple
  26. RTD (resistance temperature detector) 
  27. Semiconductor temperature sensor
  28. Infrared temperature sensor
  29. Microphone 
  30. Present sensor
  31. Voltage sensor

Preface to Encyclopedia of Electronic Components PDF

This third and closing quantity of the Encyclopedia of Electronic Components is devoted completely to sensors. Two components have induced very important adjustments within the area of sensors because the 1980s.

First, options comparable to antilock braking, airbags, and emissions controls stimulated the event of low-priced sensors for automotive purposes. Many of these sensors have been fabricated in silicon as MEMS (microelectromechanical) units.

The second wave started in 2007 when MEMS sensors have been put in within the iPhone. A contemporary cellphone might include nearly a dozen differing types of sensors, and their measurement and value have been pushed down to a degree that will have been unimaginable 20 years beforehand.

Many MEMS sensors are actually as low cost as fundamental semiconductor parts comparable to a voltage regulator or a logic chip, and they’re simple to make use of along side microcontrollers.

On this Encyclopedia, we’ve got allotted important area to this section of the market, hoping that the particular merchandise that we’ve got chosen will stay in style and obtainable for not less than the following decade.

As well as, we’ve got devoted area to older parts the place sturdiness has been confirmed.

Encyclopedia of Electronic Components Volume 3: Sensors for Location, Presence, Proximity, Orientation, Oscillation, Force, Load, Human Input, Liquid … Light, Heat, Sound, and Electricity PDF

Author(s): Platt

Publisher: Maker Media, Inc, Year: 2016

ISBN: 1449334318

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