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The latest advances in several emerging technologies, such as AI, blockchain, privacy-preserving algorithms used in localization and positioning systems, cloud computing and computer vision, all have great potential to facilitate social distancing. Benefits range from supporting people to work from home to monitoring micro- and macro- movements such as contact tracing apps using Bluetooth, tracking the movement and transportation level of a city, and wireless positioning systems to help people keep a safe distance by alerting them when they are too close to each other or to avoid congestion. However, implementing such technologies in practical scenarios still faces various challenges.

This book aims to lay the foundations of how these technologies could be adopted to realize and facilitate social distancing to manage pandemics and future outbreaks better. Starting with basic concepts, models and practical technology-based social distancing scenarios, the authors present enabling wireless technologies and solutions which could be widely adopted to encourage social distancing. They include symptom prediction, detection and monitoring of quarantined people and contact tracing. In the future, smart infrastructures for next-generation wireless systems should incorporate a pandemic mode in their standard architecture and design.

About the Editors

Diep N. Nguyen is a faculty member and the director of Agile Communications and
Computing Group, Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology, University
of Technology Sydney (UTS), Australia.

Dinh Thai Hoang received his PhD degree from the School of Computer Science
and Engineering, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, in 2016.

Thang X. Vu is a research scientist in the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust, University of Luxembourg.

Eryk Dutkiewicz is a professor and the head of the School of Electrical and Data
Engineering, University of Technology Sydney, Australia.

Symeon Chatzinotas is full professor, chief scientist I and the head of the research
group SIGCOM in the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability and Trust,
University of Luxembourg.

Björn Ottersten is the director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Security, Reliability
and Trust at the University of Luxembourg.


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Enabling Technologies for Social Distancing: Fundamentals, concepts and solutions PDF

Author(s): Diep N. Nguyen, Dinh Thai Hoang, Thang X. Vu, Eryk Dutkiewicz, Symeon Chatzinotas, Björn Ottersten

Series: IET Telecommunications Series, 104

Publisher: The Institution of Engineering and Technology, Year: 2022

ISBN: 1839534907,9781839534904


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