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Electromagnetic Field Theory (Technical) Book Pdf Free Download

Electromagnetic Field Theory (Technical) By U. A. Bakshi and A. V. Bakshi 

Electromagnetic Field Theory (Technical) is book for electric engineering students by U. A. Bakshi and A. V. Bakshi.

Introduction Vector relation in rectangular, Cylindrical, Spherical and general curvilinear co-ordinate system, Concept and physical interpretation of gradient, Divergence and curl, Green`s and Stoke`s theorems. Electrostatics Electric field intensity and flux density. Electric field due to various charge configurations, The potential functions and displacement vector, Gauss`s law. Poisson`s and Laplace`s equation and their solution, Uniqueness theorem, Continuity equation, Capacitance and electrostatics energy, Field determination by method of images, Boundary conditions, Field mapping and concept of field cells. Magnetostatics Magnetic field intensity, flux density and magnetization, Faraday`s law, Biot-Savart`s law, Ampere`s law, Magnetic scalar and vector potential, Self and mutual inductance, Energy stored in magnetic field, Boundary conditions, Analogy between electric and magnetic field, Field mapping and concept of field cells. Time Varying Fields Displacement currents and equation of continuity, Maxwell`s equations, Uniform plane wave in free space, Dielectrics and conductors, Skin effect sinusoidal time variations, Reflection and refraction of uniform plane wave, Standing wave ratio, Poynting vector and power considerations. Radiation, EMI and EMC Retarded potentials and concepts of radiation, Radiation from a small current element. Radiation resistance : Introduction to Electromagnetic Interference and Electromagnetic compatibility, EMI coupling modes, Methods of eliminating interference, Shielding, Grounding, Conducted EMI, EMI testing : Emission testing, susceptibility testing.

Electromagnetic Field Theory PDF

Author(s): U A Bakshi

Publisher: Technical Publications

Year: 2009

(19.3 MB)


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