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Construction Project Administration 10th Edition by Fisk and Reynolds

Construction Project Administration 10th Edition by Edward R. Fisk, PE and Wayne D. Reynolds, PE PDF Free Download

Authors of Construction Project Administration PDF

Edward R. Fisk, PE, LS, was a construction consultant in Orange, California. He was a licensed civil and structural engineer, land surveyor, and licensed general contractor and held licenses in 13 states.

Before becoming an independent consultant, he was president of Gleason, Peacock, & Fisk, Inc., of Brea, CA, construction consultants; vice president of Lawrence, Fisk, & McFarland, Inc., engineers, of Santa Barbara, CA; and vice president of Construction Services for Wilsey & Ham, engineers, Foster City, CA.

Prior to that he served as Corporate Director of Construction Management for J.M. Montgomery Engineers (now MWH Global), and VTN Consolidated, Inc., and was an Engineer and a Field Engineer for Bechtel Corp., Power Division.

He had extensive experience in both the public and private sectors. He was a Life Fellow of the American Society of Civil Engineers and former chairman of its Construction Division and was a Fellow of the National Academy of Forensic Engineers.

He taught short courses statewide at the University of California, Berkeley, Institute of Transportation Studies, and at the University of Washington, Engineering Professional Programs, Seattle, for many years.

He lectured nationally and internationally for the American Society of Civil Engineers until he succeeded by coauthor Wayne Reynolds.

Wayne D. Reynolds, PE, is a Professor and Program Coordinator in the Department of Applied Engineering and Technology at Eastern Kentucky University.

He teaches or has taught introduction to construction, project organization, and supervision, scheduling and cost control, contracts and bidding, quantity and cost estimating, engineering economy, statics, structures, and soils in the Construction Management program.

He also lectures nationally and internationally for the American Society of Civil Engineers. He received his B.S. degree from the U.S. Military Academy and an M.S. degree in civil engineering from Ohio State University.

Mr. Reynolds has experience in design and construction projects including transportation facilities, navigation structures, flood protection, and institutional buildings, and has served as Inspector, Project Engineer, Assistant Resident Engineer, Project Manager, Deputy District Engineer, and Contracting Officer.

He was an Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at the U.S. Air Force Academy and completed service in the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as a Lieutenant Colonel. He is a member of the American Society of Civil Engineers and the Associated Schools of Construction.

Construction Project Administration Contents

  •  Chapter 1 The Project Delivery System
  •  Chapter 2 Responsibility and Authority
  •  Chapter 3 Resident Project Representative Office Responsibilities
  •  Chapter 4 Documentation: Records and Reports
  •  Chapter 5 Electronic Project Administration
  •  Chapter 6 Specifications and Drawings 
  •  Chapter 7 Using the Specifications in Contract Administration
  •  Chapter 8 Construction Laws and Labor Relations
  •  Chapter 9 Construction Safety
  •  Chapter 10 Meetings and Negotiations 
  •  Chapter 11 Risk Allocation and Liability Sharing 
  •  Chapter 12 Preconstruction Operations
  •  Chapter 13 Planning for Construction
  •  Chapter 14 CPM Scheduling For Construction 
  •  Chapter 15 Construction Operations
  •  Chapter 16 Value Engineering 
  •  Chapter 17 Measurement and Payment  
  •  Chapter 19 Changes and Extra Work
  •  Chapter 18 Construction Materials and Workmanship
  •  Chapter 20 Claims and Disputes 
  •  Chapter 21 Project Closeout

Preface to Construction Project Administration eBook

New To Construction Project Administration 10th Edition

Mr. Fisk’s original preface still remains applicable to
this, the tenth edition: The principal objective of this book is to provide
those of us who are active in the construction industry with a single source of
information that will help address the responsibilities and risks that we are likely
to encounter.

The principles covered in this book have been gleaned from
hundreds of projects worth billions of dollars over hundreds of years of
construction. They are applicable to horizontal as well as vertical
construction; small and large projects; and government, commercial, industrial,
and private construction.

All may not be applicable to a particular project,
but they remain valid principles nonetheless. The revisions in this edition
were necessary because of changes in technology and industry practices as well
as shifts in the way that owners choose to have projects constructed.

have been some changes made as a result of user feedback and chapters
reorganized in order to improve the flow of the material.

The material covering Preconstruction Conferences in
Chapters 10 and 12 have been combined into Chapter 12 to minimize redundancy and
to improve readability.

Since so many projects are now being constructed
using the Design-Build (DB) project delivery system, it became appropriate to
elaborate further on how DB impacts the principles discussed throughout the

With almost universal usage of computers to schedule projects, arrow
diagramming has fallen into disuse and hence most of the arrow diagramming the discussion was removed from Chapter 14.

Leadership in Energy and
Environmental Design (LEED) has become so prevalent in the construction industry that the author felt it appropriate to address its impacts on material
already presented in the book.

The National Pollutant Discharge Elimination
System (NPDES) was added to Chapter 8 because those permits are required on the vast majority of construction projects and a Resident Project Representative
needs to understand them

Experience Modification Rating (EMR) was also added
to Chapter 8 to further emphasize the importance of safety on all construction

Due to the widespread use of electronic project administration on
construction projects, more emphasis was placed on electronic reporting and
usage of electronic devices.

There have been some changes to chapter
questions in order to be consistent with the revised text material.

Principal contributors to this tenth edition were Mr. Scott
Arias PMP, PSP, CPC, and Dr. Bryan Dyer PE, PLS, LEED AP, both professors in
the Construction Management program at Eastern Kentucky University.

Mr. Arias,
President of ACE Consulting, Nicholasville, KY, brought his considerable
scheduling expertise and worldwide construction experience to this revision,
and Dr. Dyer, President of Dyer and Associates, Richmond, KY, contributed
extensive insights into Design-Build construction as well as LEED.

I owe them
both a great deal of gratitude for their significant contributions to improving
the breadth and depth of this edition. I also wish to thank my wife, Karen
Reynolds, for her patience and support, while I  worked on this revision.

And last, but not least, I wish to thank my mentor, Mr. Ed Fisk, who taught me
so much and gave me the opportunity to keep his vision alive in this textbook.

He is sorely missed. While many people have contributed to writing this book
throughout the years, I alone take responsibility for any errors found in this
edition. The author is grateful to the many contributions made since this book
was first published.

Contributors to previous editions included: Julius (Jim)
Calhoun, Esq., Asst. General Counsel for Montgomery-Watson in Pasadena, CA
(ret.); Gary L. McFarland, PE, and Charles H. Lawrance, PE, President and
Vice-President, respectively, of Lawrance, Fisk, & McFarland, Inc. Of
Santa Barbara, CA; Wendell Rigby, PE,  former Senior Civil Engineer of the
City of Thousand Oaks, CA; Albert Rodriguez, CPCU, ARM, President, Rodriguez
Consulting Group, Inc.

The author would also like to thank the reviewers of this edition for their helpful
insights: Scott Arias and Bryan Dyer, Eastern Kentucky University; Denise
Gravitt, Western Illinois University; and Matthew W. Nawn, Frederick Community

Construction Project Administration PDF

Author(s): Edward R. Fisk; Wayne D. Reynolds

Publisher: Pearson, Year: 2013

ISBN: 0132866730

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