Book Name: Coding with Minecraft
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Coding with Minecraft: Learn to Code by Programming Robots in Minecraft!

Coding with Minecraft: Learn to Code by Programming Robots in Minecraft! PDF Free

Book description

A hands-on introduction to programming teaches you how to program bots to do cool things in your favorite game – Minecraft! This book takes the “turtle” robotics approach and extends it to the interactive 3D world of Minecraft.
You’ve mined diamonds, made dozens of tools, and built all sorts of structures – but what if you could program a robot to do it all for you in a short amount of time?
In this book, you will create an army of virtual robots with Lua, a programming language used by professional game developers. Step-by-step coding projects will show you how to write programs that automatically mine, gather materials, craft objects, and build anything you can imagine. In the process, you’ll explore key computer concepts like data types, functions, variables, and more.
You will learn how to make games like:
  • Program robots to make smart decisions with flow control
  • Reuse the code so your robots can grow any crop they want, including wheat, sugarcane, and even cacti.
  • Program a factory that generates infinite building materials
  • Design an algorithm to create walls and buildings of any size.
  • Code yourself like a robotic lumberjack swinging a pickaxe!
  • Create a robot that digs mining pits with ladders so you can explore safely

Book Contents

Chapter 1: Getting Started with ComputerCraft

Chapter 2: Programming Basics

Chapter 3: Talking to Your Turtle

Chapter 4: Programming Turtles to Dance

Chapter 5: Making a Better Dancer

Chapter 6: Programming a Robot Lumberjack

Chapter 7: Creating Modules to Reuse Your Code

Chapter 8: Running an Automated Tree Farm

Chapter 9: Building a Cobblestone Generator

Chapter 10: Making a Stone Brick Factory

Chapter 11: Constructing Walls

Chapter 12: Constructing Rooms

Chapter 13: Constructing Floors

Chapter 14: Programming a Robotic Farm

Chapter 15: Programming a Staircase Miner

About Author

Al Sweigart is a software engineer who teaches coding to children and adults. He has written several of his Python books for beginners, including Automating Boring Stuff with Python, Inventing His Own Computer His Games with Python, and Making Games with Python and his Pygame.


Coding with Minecraft: Build Taller, Farm Faster, Mine Deeper, and Automate the Boring Stuff

Author(s): Al Sweigart

Publisher: No Starch Press, Year: 2018

ISBN: 9781593278533, 9781593278540

epub format


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