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This book addresses action research (AR), one of the principal research methodologies for academia-industry research collaborations. It elaborates on how to find suitable research activities and distinguish them from non-significant ones. Further, it details how to glean lessons from the research results, whether positive or negative. Lastly, it shows how companies can evolve and build talent while expanding their product portfolio. The book’s structure is based on that of AR projects; it sequentially covers and discusses each phase of the project. Each chapter shares new insights into AR and gives the reader a better understanding of how to apply it. In addition, each chapter includes several practical use cases or examples. The chapters cover the entire software lifecycle, from problem diagnosis through the project (or action) planning and execution to documenting and disseminating results, including validity assessments for AR studies. This book aims to help everyone interested in industry-academia collaborations conduct joint research. It is for students of software engineering who need to learn how to set up an evaluation, run a project, and document the results. It is for all academics who aren’t afraid to step out of their comfort zone and enter the industry. It is for industrial researchers who know that they want to do more than just develop software blindly. And finally, it is for stakeholders who wish to learn how to manage industrial research projects and how to set up guidelines for their roles and expectations.

Table of contents :

Front Matter ….Pages i-xix
Introduction (Miroslaw Staron)….Pages 1-13
Action Research as Research Methodology in Software Engineering (Miroslaw Staron)….Pages 15-36
Diagnosing (Miroslaw Staron)….Pages 37-56
Action Planning (Miroslaw Staron)….Pages 57-72
Action Taking (Miroslaw Staron)….Pages 73-92
Evaluation (Miroslaw Staron)….Pages 93-122
Specifying Learning (Miroslaw Staron)….Pages 123-139
Action Research vs. Design Research (Miroslaw Staron)….Pages 141-151
Ensuring Sustainability of Knowledge (Miroslaw Staron)….Pages 153-168
Validity Evaluation (Miroslaw Staron)….Pages 169-189
Reporting Action Research Studies (Miroslaw Staron)….Pages 191-213
Conclusions (Miroslaw Staron)….Pages 215-220

Action Research In Software Engineering: Theory And Applications

Author(s): Miroslaw Staron

Publisher: Springer, Year: 2020

ISBN: 3030326098, 9783030326098


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